February 13, 2017


Parent and Community Member Testimonials

All children of our state have incredible potential. The current funding formula limits that potential for some, including my children and my neighbors’ children in the Davenport Community School District. An updated formula to provide equitable resources and an increase in the SSA are imperative for Iowa’s future.

– Sharon Snawerdt, Blue Grass

Our children and our schools must be our priority. A 1.1% increase takes our schools backwards, as it will not even allow them to keep up with costs. Please consider an amount high enough to keep our schools moving forward.

– Jennifer McCoy, Des Moines

The future of public education is important to our family and to our community.

– Laura Tumak, Clarinda

Invest in Iowa’s children – invest in Iowa’s future!

– Rosalyn Lehman, Pleasantville

We have a duty and responsibility as people living in a democratic nation to defend education and provide the best educational facilities and programming for the students of our country.

– Elise Goodman, Des Moines

High-quality public education is one of the best predictors of children’s future success! If you want the economy to become strong again, that starts with a healthy, well-educated population.

– Meaghan Harding, Iowa City

Public schools need to be funded better in an effort to teach our kids how to be productive citizens.

– Brad Danbom, Milford

Our public schools are our state’s future – We must maintain funding for teachers, programs, and opportunities for our students to excel. We want to attract and retain growing companies and the brightest employees – They will opt for locations having better long-term plans and growth opportunities if we don’t properly prepare our students now.

– Julie Lehman, Des Moines

The way we educate and support our children will determine the future of our country. Our children need our taxes to go toward providing them with the best education possible.

– Meg Duell, Waterloo

This is needed and deserved. It effects our future in every way! Too much of our tax paying dollars goes to ridiculous stuff! Our elected officials seem to think their incomes should go up before the incomes of teachers, before the funding of our schools? Nonsense!

– Theresa Miller, Adel

I want to preserve the quality of education in public schools.

– Rhea Zembower, Ankeny

I believe in Public Education and want the state of Iowa’s K-12 Students to have the BEST possible outcomes through the BEST resources we can provide.

– Jennifer Christiason, Cedar Falls

Children must be educated to become productive members of society. No matter what their occupation in the future, all children deserve the tools for success they will learn in our schools. Cutting funding for schools reduces their chances for success in life.

– Kahla Wier, Des Moines

Our schools are always mentioned when we want people/businesses to move to our state. They deserve to be compensated for what they bring to the state.

– Kathleen Lutter, West Des Moines

State economy growing by +4% and our kids get 1%?  Where are our priorities?

– Nick Trenkamp, Elkader

I want to exist in an educated society and I expect my government to utilize the money they take from me to fund that.

– Suzannah Moore, Grinnell

I am a teacher by trade and though I see gaps in traditional education subject matter, the foundation of relationships are primary and essential.

– Caroline Baker, Des Moines

My public education experience in Iowa instilled in me a value of lifelong learning. I want my 1st grade son to have a high quality & enriching public school education. All of Iowa’s children deserve this.

– Sarah Anthoney, Des Moines

As a lifelong teacher, I believe we need more and better understanding of public education, meaning a Department who has work with public schools, their teachers, students, and administrators.  Betsy DeVos is not that person–NO experience with and evidently no interest in public schools except by opposing them.  PLEASE find a better candidate for this position.

– Scott Cawelti, Cedar Falls