February 15, 2017

Speak Up on ESAs. Your voice will make a difference.

What Can I Do to Save My Public School?

Pro-ESA families are calling legislators today—and every day.  They represent 8% of the student population. Your pro-public school calls and emails will make a difference.  Remember: Iowa public school families represent 92% of the student population.

1. Call, email or send a letter to your legislator.  (We have been told this is most effective, not template letters.)  Tell them:

  • Why you care about your public school
  • How your public school has impacted your family, your children, and your community
  • Why it is urgent that they act to support Iowa’s public schools and not divert funds to ESAs for non-public schools.

How to Contact The Iowa Legislature

Find contacts for the legislative switchboard and your individual representatives. 

Email every member of the Iowa Legislature; find a full list here..

2. Share this site or post with a friend or family member—in your community or in another community in  Iowa.

3. Sign up for public school action alerts at www.parentsforgreatiowaschools.com.

4. Contact the private school in your community. Ask them …

  • How they will provide additional transportation for people with limited funds or mobility?
  • How they will provide resources for the academic needs of every child?
  • How they will structure admissions? Will every person, regardless of race, gender, economic status,  or other factor be admitted?
  • Do they have space and certified teachers to accommodate new students?

5. Write a letter to the editor of your newspaper. Tell them how you  feel about your community’s public schools and why they are important to the health of Iowa.