February 13, 2017

Education Savings Accounts (ESAs)/Vouchers: Learn and Take Action


There is a growing effort to put a state, taxpayer-funded Educational Savings Account/Voucher system in Iowa. ESAs/Vouchers will pull funds directly from our nationally coveted public schools.

The ESA/Voucher will divert state taxpayer dollars from public school funding. Vouchers use taxpayer dollars to support schools that are exempt from tax dollar and educational standard oversights. Private schools are not required by law to accept all students. There are no safeguards against fraud, misuse and do not guarantee a child can afford a private education. ESA’s hurt our rural communities, low income families, and the 500,000+ public school students.



Are you ready to take action?

What Can YOU Do to Save YOUR Public School?

Pro-ESA families are calling and writing Legislators today.  They represent 8% of the student population. Your Pro-Public Schools call or note to your Legislator will make a difference.  We represent 92% of the student population, we should be the loudest voice at the Capitol.

Please share your positive public school experience with your legislator today! Ask them to work together to raise Iowa’s Public School System back to the top!