February 13, 2017

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The Koch Brothers Sneak into Schools

The Bill of Rights Institute. It’s a benign-sounding name. Every year, the Arlington, Virginia-based Bill of Rights Institute (BRI) offers curriculum workshops throughout the country, distributes teaching materials, holds essay contests for students, and displays its wares at the National Council for the Social Studies conference.

Blog: Why Public Schools Matter

By Patrick Kearney, Patrickjkearney.wordpress.com – December 21, 2016

Blog: Voucher Party

By Peter Green, Curmudgucation – March 27, 2015

Whitver: Education Remains a High Priority in Iowa

By Sen. Jack Whitver, Senate District 19, The Des Moines Register – February 3, 2017

Parents for Great Iowa Schools Hosts Education-Focused Legislative Forum 

Parents advocating for the future of Iowa schools had a chance to meet with lawmakers from both parties following a day with developments in school funding. – January 31, 2017

Rural Education Should be a State Priority

By Joe Millard, Letter to the Editor, The Des Moines Register – January 20, 2017

Betsy DeVos has a rural problem: Column

Education nominee is losing Senate support over a reform agenda that won’t help areas Trump won. – February 2, 2017

School Proposals Likely in Iowa

DES MOINES — How the state funds Iowa’s K-through-12 public schools could be altered dramatically this year when Republicans assume control of the legislative agenda. – January 4, 2017

Scarce funding could hobble school choice legislation in Iowa

DES MOINES — Expanding school choice for parents who want options to public schools has gained momentum, the chairman of the Iowa House Education Committee said Wednesday. – January 25, 2017

Schools warn of larger classes, fewer education options

DES MOINES — Legislative Democrats say K-12 schools will be forced to increase class sizes, leave education positions unfilled and delay technology and textbooks purchases unless the split-control Legislature boost state aid to schools by at least 4 percent for the next school year. – January 19, 2016

Branstad weighs school tax diversion for water quality

Gov. Terry Branstad is exploring a legislative proposal that would provide money for water quality projects by using projected revenue growth from an existing statewide sales tax for schools, a Branstad aide confirmed Monday. – January 4, 2016

Language programs cut in W.D.M. schools

Students in West Des Moines will have one fewer choice when it comes to foreign language classes next year, and second-language learning will begin later in a student’s career. – December 21, 2015

Editorial: Iowa’s school-funding process is broken, illegal and short-sighted

Nothing is more important to Iowans than their children’s future. Nothing is more vital to the state’s economic health than quality schools. And nothing consumes more state tax dollars than Iowa’s K-12 education system. – October 26, 2015