February 13, 2017

About PGIS

Who We Are

We are Iowa parents, grandparents and community members who advocate on behalf of all children in Iowa to receive world-class public education.

What We Believe

We believe each student’s education should prepare him/her for 21st-century challenges. Education should encourage strong problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, creativity, and innovation. We believe world-class schools are a primary contributor to maintaining strong communities and generating the skilled workforce Iowa and the world needs.

What We Do

We actively monitor Iowa education-related legislation. We advocate at the state legislature for success for all Iowa public school students.

Parents for Great Iowa Schools Values


Public education is an investment all citizen taxpayers make in students to, in turn, generate knowledgable and well-prepared citizens who become the productive workforce of the coming generations. Public education is an issue that impacts the general welfare of everyone in our state. Public education is not a political issue.

Student Focused

Children have no single advocacy group specifically devoted to their very special interest as students and future Iowans. Parents, families and community members can be a voice for them. That is us.


We focus on non-partisan facts based in research. We focus on integrity. We listen first and act second.

Action Oriented

We commit to using facts to develop our public education priorities. We pledge to take meaningful action and to advocate on behalf of all Iowa public education students.

Guiding Principles

We will connect and collaborate with parents and community members all across Iowa to determine local as well as state public education priorities. In partnership, we will work toward achieving a strong, statewide public education system and well-educated Iowa youth.

We will work with humility. We are not education professionals. We do not always have an answer to every question. We will work with honesty and recognize when we need to continue the pursuit of knowledge through outside resources.

We may have our own personal political opinions, but when speaking on behalf of PGIS we will remain respectful of all people, including all of our members and all public officials.

We will communicate our knowledge with fellow parents and community members and encourage them to participate in responsible and respectful advocacy for Iowa public school students.


Questions or comments, please contact Rose Green at rosecgreen@yahoo.com, 773-844-1782